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    Site of event in Jiangyin Sheraton Hotel for Baoli Energy Summit on April 3rd

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    The summit is based on the background of Letter of Intent signed on February 2015 between Singapore Baoli representing Baoli Asphalt and Russia Transportation & Highway Agency and Far East Development Agency. The party including Dmitry, Deputy Director of Russian Department of Transportation & Highway and Ivan, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Far East Development came to headquarter of Jiangyin Baoli for visit and investigation. In the meanwhile, summit forum on investment opportunities in the Russian market was hosted by the Baoli Asphalt on April 3rd. It invited the central enterprises including China Railway Construction,...

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    Polly Holdings to invest in Russia to set up a wholly owned subsidiary of announcement

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    Ⅰ. Summary of investments abroad
    1. According to the needs of company's overseas business development, the Company intends to establish Russia Baoli Holdings Limited (tentative name)through self-financing by its wholly owned subsidiary, Baoli Holdings (Singapore) Pte Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Singapore Baoli"), the registered capital is 20 million dollars, the scope of business is as follows: Highway project investment, construction and maintenance, production and sales, etc. of new asphalt materials (final registered content shall prevail).Singapore Baoli holds 100% equity....

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    About Baoli Holdings (Singapore) Pte Ltd

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    Special risk prompt statement:
    1. The "Memorandum" is only an intention document, not an international treaty, in addition, it does not create any legally binding rights and obligations .
    2. At any time, but no later than 30 calendar days prior to the date on which the "Memorandum" is expected to terminate, either party may notify the other party to terminate the "Memorandum."...

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    On Russia trip of Baoli Holdings (Singapore) Pte Ltd

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    In the morning of February 8, 2015, the Moscow Oblast Government held an official and grand talk with delegation of Baoli Asphalt in Moscow. The main leaders of Moscow Oblast Government attended the meeting, including the Oblast government president, etc., they all attended the meeting and made opening remarks, Discussed with the delegation led by Zhou Dehong, chairman...

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    Visits to the Russian investment projects

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    From February 8, 2015 to February 12, 2015, the delegation led by Zhou Dehong, chairman of Baoli Holdings (Singapore) Pte Ltd. went to Bitmena Multinational Companies and the Russian Ministry of Transportation Expressway Company in Moscow to discuss cooperation projects. Furthermore, they signed a letter of intent on cooperation of related matters with the Far East Development Department in R...

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